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About Us

Time for Art was set up by Sarah Moncrieff following many years of providing art workshops for children at Empire des Enfants in Senegal.

Through her voluntary work there she saw the benefit gained by the children from being able to spend time on creative activity.

She decided to set up a charity dedicated to establishing a regular programme of art workshops for groups of people with limited access to art in their daily lives. 


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In July 2017, an All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Report concluded that:

“It is time to recognise the powerful contribution the arts can make to health and

wellbeing. There are now many examples and much evidence of the beneficial impact they can have.”

The report had three key messages:

1. The arts can help keep us well, aid our recovery and support longer lives better lived.

2.  The arts can help meet major challenges facing health and social care: ageing, long term conditions, loneliness and mental health.

3. The arts can help save money in the health service and social care


The workshops enable participants to enjoy the act of being creative, explore their creativity, put their troubles on one side, and work with their friends in an absorbing and fulfilling activity.

Workshops bring people together in a non-judgmental way and allow for exploration of identity, mutual acceptance and encouragement.

Through art workshops participants embark on a journey of creative development, acquisition of life skills, empowerment and increased self esteem.


The workshops are aimed at groups of persons in institutions or for other reasons those who have limited access to art in their ordinary lives.  For example, young people in challenging circumstances, children in care, street children, prisoners, adults and children awaiting refugee status and people experiencing fragile mental health.

In May 2020, Time for Art became a registered charity under number 1189470

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