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Sarah Moncrieff



Founder of Time for Art, Sarah is an artist and teacher.  Her interest in providing art workshops and classes to people with limited access to art began several years ago when she visited Dakar in Senegal and came across Empire des Enfants, a home for street children. She visited several times over the next decade, taking art materials with her and devising projects for the children to undertake.  Witnessing the benefits she saw the children enjoy from creative activity inspired her to set up Time for Art. 


David Rudge



David is a local business owner specialising in Light Frame Designs, light up silhouettes. David is also a youth worker and keen community enhancement enthusiast working within 4 different community groups. David also runs a rural youth club supporting young people with imaginative Youth Club nights, giving them a place to be safe and grow through new experiences. David met Sarah, the founder of Time for Art whilst working as the activity coordinator in a local care home for over 8 years. He says “Art is a freedom that can be given to anyone that feels trapped in their current circumstances”.


Ciara Faughnan-Moncrieff



Ciara is a lawyer working for a UK bank. She has worked for a variety of charities and non-profit organisations in a legal capacity. Her experiences range from advising prisoners on their legal rights to negotiating contracts on behalf of large international charities. 


Ciara has volunteered at a number of schools in underprivileged areas in the United Kingdom and abroad, and firmly believes that art and creativity provide a gateway for children and young persons to express their emotions in a safe and constructive environment. 


Jackie Davies



Jackie runs her own NGO with a special interest in communications within international development. She has overseen communication projects in a range of countries including the Balkans, Africa and Asia
She coordinates a worldwide network “Communication for Development, C4D”, bringing people together to share and learn about communication and media for bringing about change.
She is passionate about the role of creativity, art and personal expression both as a way of enabling social change and allowing for personal fulfilment.

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