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Workshop Artists


Sarah Moncrieff


Sarah is an artist and teacher and the founder of Time for Art.  She has taught art in a variety of educational settings including schools, adult education and prisons. In 2019 she founded Time for Art having spent many years running art workshops with street children in Senegal and Ethiopia.


David Rudge


David is a silhouette artist specialising in paper art and various other forms of crafts. He runs lots of different workshops including silhouetting, graffiti, cartoon creation and messy art. He works with young people running a Youth Club and activities with elderly people in a care home based in Oxford.

Maggie Hollings.jpg

Maggie Hollings

Maggie is an artist, teacher and print maker with a love of drawing. She has worked in a variety of educational settings over the last 25 years including the state and independent sectors

 and alternative establishments. She is passionate about Art, sharing processes and techniques to  bring enjoyment, advancement and confidence in the creative practices of others.

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